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Rohingya Muslim Relief

Who We Are
Rohingya Muslim Relief is created to serve the underprivileged, poor, In Need families who land in United States as REFUGEES in need of help and guidance.

Alleviate the lives of refugees holistically through education and service.

Rohingya Muslim Relief wants to alleviate human pain and suffering by providing timely compassionate service to the one afflicted with misery.
Rohingya Muslim Relief wants to build healthy societies, create opportunities for those in need keeping their dignity intact and by supporting basic needs.


  1. Introduce various self sustainable social services programs to assist the local communities.
  2. Improvise the financial stability of Rohingya Muslim Relief.
  3. Implement family based programs thus strengthening local community.
  4. Generate partnerships with Islamic Centers and Relief Organizations.
  5. Increase the presence of the Organization among various communities of DFW Metroplex.

Rohingya Muslim Relief Mosque

Rohingya Muslim Community friday pray

Rohingya Muslim Relief Mosque

 Vickery Meadow in Northeast Dallas is home to 50,000 people from all over the world in about five square miles, including many Muslim residents from the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. But the area is not home to any public mosques. Because many residents lack transportation, traveling to the nearest mosque in Richardson is not a viable option. Rohingya Muslim Relief (RMR) stepped in to fill the void.

The organization emanated from Myanmar refugees, who fled their homeland’s violence against their faith. RMR created a space in The Ivy apartments so that Muslim neighbors can worship close to home. It also provides religious education for 180 Muslim children during the week. With permission from management, members transformed an old storage unit into a place to pray. Islamic art decorates the windowless room. Rugs line the floor and spill into the parking lot for worshippers to practice “Salah,” the five daily prayers. The space also has running water for residents to cleanse their face, hands and feet, a practice called “Wudu.”


Rohingya Muslim Relief Mosque friday pray

                       Rohingya Muslim Relief Mosque friday pray
Myanmar, the Rohingya must worship in secret or risk a violent rebuke from the anti-Muslim government, according to Shaukat Salleh, RMR’s president. Refugees often risk their safety to escape their homeland and spend years in camps waiting to be resettled in a land with little resemblance to home. The RMR space provides them a chance to reconnect with their culture and faith.