Po Box Number: 820639 Dallas, TX 75382 USA

Our Mission

About Rohingya Muslim Relief

Who We Are

Rohingya Muslim Relief is created to serve the underprivileged, poor, In Need families who land in United States as REFUGEES in need of help and guidance.


Alleviate the lives of refugees holistically through education and service.


Rohingya Muslim Relief wants to alleviate human pain and suffering by providing timely compassionate service to the one afflicted with misery. Rohingya Muslim Relief wants to build healthy societies, create opportunities for those in need keeping their dignity intact and by supporting basic needs.

Rohingya Muslim Relief Gallery

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The Works

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1. Introduce various self sustainable social services programs to assist the local communities.

2. Improvise the financial stability of Rohingya Muslim Relief.

3. Implement family based programs thus strengthening local community.

3. Generate partnerships with Islamic Centers and Relief Organizations.

4. Increase the presence of the Organization among various communities of DFW Metroplex.

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